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2018/08/01 Party tableware

Writer:YoongDate:Aug 1,2018

     We have collaborated with Dang Photography Studio to launch a set of work-themed tableware, and HX1102, HX1114, HX505, HX604, HX103 models are selected.Provide recyclable tableware for customers in daily gatherings; simple and elegant, easy to use; color customization is available for large gatherings.Designers can communicate with us to match the various colors so as to make the scene more in line with expectations, and make the idea closer to reality; in terms of cost, compared with glass, metal and wood, plastic is not only cost-saving, but can meet daily needs.With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, we pass the material testing conducted by third-party agencies such as SGS to meet FDA and LFGB standards.We strive to meet the need for durability of our products while controlling costs.


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