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The news of October 2017 Mega Show

Date:Nov 8,2017

Hong Kong 2017Autumn Gifts Exhibition Part1 came to end in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center! Zhejiang huangyan xinxin plastic  industry co.,ltd attended the exhibition. This exhibition was attended by the company's general manager Chris Wong and Marketing LISA Yoong on behalf of the overseas marketing team.

This exhibition consolidated the existing cooperation, won the attention and praise of new and old customers, which laid the foundation for market development and achieved complete success!


In the booth, the company exhibited a series of hot bar products and cooperation models of Coke, InBev and other brands.The highlight of the series was the price and quality. We focused on promoting the classic plastic ice bucket series and well-known outdoor supplies series. We have attracted a large number of overseas businessmen's attention. They came to our booth and stopped for watching . They affirmed our w product quality, design and customized development products.The exhibitors enthusiastically received many visitors, seriously answered various questions and exchanged business cards with each other.

Through the exhibition, we promoted further meetings with our customers and enhanced the friendship between our partners. At the same time, we have made more exchanges on technology and innovation in the plastics industry in the future!


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